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The Stress Mastery Podcast: Living Right with Bill Cortright

Jan 14, 2021

 Andrea Lee-Zucker is a Transformational Life coach, artist, writer, and impact investor striving to live her values in every layer of her life. She is Washington, DC Co- Ambassador of NEXUS, a movement uniting next gen philanthropist, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about promising global solutions for our generation. She is also co-founder of Antigravity Ventures, which invests in leaders and technologies that have the potential to improve the world and people’s lives in scalable and inclusive ways. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Andrea was shaped by early experiences in community activism through her parents community leadership and through her work with Youth Service Charleston, Operation Understanding, and The Coastal Community Foundation. She is a board member of The Conrad Challenge, an international prize competition empowering high school students to collaborate using science, technology, and entrepreneurship to solve global and local challenges. She also serves on the US board of IsraAID, an NGO that partners with local communities around the world to provide urgent aid, assist in recovery, and reduce the risk of future disasters.

Andrea is the proud mother of three children and wife of a tech entrepreneur who is helping her discover the potential of our exponential future.

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Andrea's Instagram: @andrea.doodles

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